Capraia Lighthouse, Tremiti Islands, Italy
The Adriatic Sea.

The Adriatic Sea islands are known for its bad weather, but Italy’s Capraia lighthouse is in danger due to frequent earthquakes.

Luca Bruno/AP Images

Italy's Tremiti Islands in the Adriatic Sea get their name because of the frequent minor earthquakes there. "Tremiti" is Italian for "trembling." Unlike many endangered lighthouses, the one on the Isola de Capraia isn't in trouble because erosion is about to topple it into the sea. This lighthouse's problem is that it's falling to pieces from being shaken.

Built in 1868, the Capraia lighthouse is an octagonal tower of masonry. It's attached to a two-story lighthouse keeper's house. Inactive, it's been abandoned since about 1980.

The island is uninhabited and reachable only by boat. The greatest danger for the Capraia lighthouse might be that it could fall apart and no one would notice.