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10 Amazing Educational Travel Adventures

Zoos are for Wusses
African elephants (males) sparring at the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya
African elephants (males) sparring at the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya
James Warwick/The Image Bank/Getty Images

The classic travel adventure is the African Safari. Nowadays, however, you'll want to come back with a head stuffed full of facts about African wildlife, not a stuffed African wildlife head. Nature preserves in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia offer safaris that allow you to view wildlife in the company of expert trackers and guides. Some guides will also take you to villages still practicing traditional culture in the area for a little cultural safari.

To jack up the educational factor of your trip, you can go on safari with a U.S. institution. Many colleges and universities organize educational safaris through their alumni associations, and the Smithsonian has a safari program that includes the company of renowned zoologists. Safari trips can be rustic or luxurious and many are suitable for children. In addition to seeing wildlife, you can see natural wonders like Mount Kilimanjaro and Victoria Falls. If sleeping where lions roam isn't adventure enough for you, you can bungee jump off the 300-foot (91.4-meter) Victoria Falls or go white-water rafting. Just watch out for hippos.

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