Train Like a Navy Seal
Navy SEALs

Real Navy Seals cringe as they lie in the freezing Pacific surf during a Hell Week training exercise.

Joe McNally/Getty Images

The mental and physical strain inflicted by Navy SEALs training is legendary. Would you believe that some people actually make a vacation of it? You can, too, with Extreme Seal Experience located in Chesapeake, Va. Owned by 24-year SEAL veteran Don Shipley, this company gives ordinary civilians the opportunity to train like they're members of a Special Operations unit.

For just under $2,000, you can enroll in the basic one-week "Advanced Course." It begins with "Hell Night," a challenge and endurance course that the company's Web site describes as "the hardest 24 hours that most people will ever go through." After that, former Navy SEALs will train participants in a variety of skills, including survival, weapons (with live-fire exercises), night patrol, close-quarter combat and rappelling from a helicopter.

If you're a real glutton for punishment, sign up for the "Week of Hell." With a 100-mile (160-kilometer) boat paddle, 30 miles (48 kilometers) of running, and 10 miles (16 kilometers) of swimming, expect five and a half days of "constant physical exercise, long-distance movement, unparalleled mental stress and complete bodily exhaustion." With a vacation like that, you'll probably look forward to going back to work!