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  • Experiencing Rewilding

    How can I experience rewilding without giving up all my modern comforts?

    You want to help the environment and connect with nature, but you're not ready to move off the grid and live in a hut. Is there a middle ground?

  • Survival Cannibalism

    10 True Stories of Survival Cannibalism

    You're stranded on a boat at sea with no substantial food or water for days, living off collected rain and you've already lustily consumed the leather brim of your hat. That's when you realize there's a huge chunk of meat sitting right next to you.

  • Quiz: Are you backwoods ready?

    Are you backwoods ready?

    Are you considering ditching the grid and the modern conveniences of everyday life? Before you say sayonara, you might want to take our quiz, just to be sure.

  • Adventure Puzzles

    Adventure Puzzles: Camping

    Whether you're into extreme sports, wilderness survival or good old-fashioned jet-setting, explore the planet as you make the pieces of these adventure puzzles fall into place.

  • Experiencing Rewilding
  • Survival Cannibalism
  • Quiz: Are you backwoods ready?
  • Adventure Puzzles
From skydiving to rock climbing to exploring the world's most famous landmarks -- find your inner explorer on the HowStuffWorks Adventure Channel.
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