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  • 5 Crazy Adventures

    5 Gut-wrenching Adventures

    Bungee jumping from a hot air balloon. The human catapult. Stunt flying. So many ways to make your organs shift.

  • Is it true that no one dies at Disney World?

    Is it true that no one dies at Disney World?

    It's touted as the most magical place on Earth, but is it so magical nobody has ever died there? Let's get real about what goes down when there's a death at Disney World.

  • Underwater Photography

    How Underwater Photography Works

    If you've ever opened up the pages of a nature magazine and seen dozens of beautiful underwater images, you may have wondered how the photographers got those shots. How do you protect a camera during underwater photography?

  • Adventure Puzzles

    Adventure Puzzles: Zipline Gear

    Whether you're into extreme sports, wilderness survival or good old-fashioned jet-setting, explore the planet as you make the pieces of these adventure puzzles fall into place.

  • 5 Crazy Adventures
  • Is it true that no one dies at Disney World?
  • Underwater Photography
  • Adventure Puzzles
From skydiving to rock climbing to exploring the world's most famous landmarks -- find your inner explorer on the HowStuffWorks Adventure Channel.
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