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  • How Highlining Works

    How Highlining Works

    The thought of walking a 1-inch-thick rope from one towering cliff to another makes most people feel sick. But not highliners. Where did this sport come from and how in the world do people do it?

  • 10 Adrenaline Rushes

    10 Adrenaline Rushes for Your Next Vacation

    Yeah, being trampled by bulls at San Fermin would hurt. But it sure beats sitting in a cubicle at the office. What adventures can you squeeze into your next vacation?

  • How much gas will you use on your road trip?

    How much gas will you use on your road trip?

    Everybody loves a road trip. But when gas prices are high, trips can be pricey. How can you calculate the cost of gas for your trip?

  • How Massage for Triathletes Works

    How Massage for Triathletes Works

    Most athletes find that massage can help with their performance. Due to thorough, rigorous workouts and a great deal of mental stress, however, triathletes in particular benefit from a good session on the massage table.

  • How Highlining Works
  • 10 Adrenaline Rushes
  • How much gas will you use on your road trip?
  • How Massage for Triathletes Works
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